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Child Support

In Massachusetts it is public policy that dependent children be maintained and supported, as completely as possible, from the resources of their parents. In divorce, paternity and modification actions, there is a presumption that child support will be paid according to the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines, subject to certain income limits and other considerations.

The Child Support Guidelines calculate a presumptive support figure on the basis of the number of children, both parents' incomes and the cost of medical, dental and vision insurance, as well as the child care costs for both parents. The Child Support Guidelines consider and adjust child support for children over the age of 18. Moreover, the Child Support Guidelines also allow for consideration of post-secondary education expenses. In some cases, there may be circumstances which warrant a departure from the guidelines, and consideration may also be given as to how a parent's income is calculated.

The Law Offices of Miriam G. Altman, P.C. is well versed in calculating child support according to the Child Support Guidelines, as well as arguing for deviations from the Child Support Guidelines where appropriate.   


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