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In Massachusetts, a child born to unmarried parents has the same legal rights as a child born during a marriage. Every person is responsible for the support of his or her child, even if born outside a marriage.

Actions for paternity can be brought to establish parentage through genetic marker testing, secure child support, and enforce parental rights, including legal and physical custody and visitation. The manner of the complaint to be filed will depend upon the date of the child’s birth and whether the child’s father signed a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity and/or is listed on the child’s birth certificate. Depending on these factors, there may be a presumption of paternity or the need to establish paternity.

The Law Offices of Miriam G. Altman, PC, represents both mothers and fathers in paternity actions and can assist a parent in establishing paternity, securing support and obtaining other provisions for their children. We also assist non-custodial parents to enforce their parental rights including securing reasonable visitation or enforcing legal custody, which may include participation in decisions regarding a child’s educational, religious and medical needs.

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